The Kitchen

At the foot of the main carugio you find Da Delio Ristorante Apricale. The cuisine is  based on the products which the surrounding countryside offers during the various seasons: a cuisine full of flavors, scents and colors.

Among the various dishes that the restaurant offers, of course according to seasons, is the machetusa, the stuffed vegetables, the wild boar ravioli, la fidelanza, the bruscau rabbit, the goat with white beans from and about all the zabaglione with pansarole.

The inviting wine cellar allows you to accompany the dishes with the best wines: an almost mandatory choice is the Rossese di Dolceacqua, the king of Ligurian wines, produced in the sunny vineyards that surrounds Apricale and the other villages in the Val Nervia and in the Val Verbone. 

In Italy the way to do homemade ravioli is handed down through generations. Robin, the Chef in Ristorante Apricale da Delio, learned the recipe from his father, Delio.

The homemade pasta is made fresh every day in the kitchen.

The ravioli ready to be served in the restaurant

Our kitchen staff are using only products from the local region

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