The menu

    • Gli antipasti

    • Fois Gras

      with mango puree and passion fruit jelly

    • Tonno di coniglio

      Rabbit tuna-style with pumpkin flan and “Bagna Cauda”
      (hot dip based on anchovies)

    • Tortino di Carciofi e patate

      warm artichokes and potatoes pie

    • The tasting of the three starters

      Foie Gras, tonno di coniglio, and tortino di carciofi

    • Stock fish salad

      dried stockfish boiled with dried tomatoes, pinenuts and basil

    • Un Salame, la Coppa e il Culatello

      Un Salame, la Coppa e il Culatello

      Dried tomatoes in olive Oil
      Salame Sant'Olcese Parodi di Genova,
      Coppa Piacentina D.O.P.
      Culatello con cotenna di Parma

    • Le nostre paste fresche

    • Rabbit Ravioli

      Rabbit Ravioli

      in sauce with thyme

    • Wild herb Ravioli

      With autumnal pumkin ragout

    • Chestnut flour Pappardelle

      With wild boar ragout

    • La Fidelanza (minimum 2 persons)

      pot-roasted macaroni with tomatoes, sausage, dried mushrooms, olives…

    • I piatti di mezzo

    • Stockfish casserole

      With mushrooms and chestnuts

    • Rabbit casserole

      with Vermentino wine and Liguria olives

    • Goat stew

      Goat stew

      with white beans from Pigna

    • Wildboar stew

      With Polenta

    • Barbecued meat on olive-wood embers:

    • Grilled filet of beef

    • Grilled lamb chops

      Grilled lamb chops

    • The cheeses

    • Il gran plateau (6 cheeses tasting)

      ewe, goat and cow cheeses Toma Sheep Brigasca by Nevio Balbis served  with Cugnà (raisin and fruit compote) the marmalades from Monastero delle  Carmelitane Scalze di Sanremo

    • Il piccolo plateau (3 cheeses tasting)

Cover charge 2.50€ a head